A new array of adjectives to consider before Le Reve at the Wynn in Las Vegas

The Wynn hotel in Las Vegas targets those visitors who love the Bellagio hotel’s luxurious interior but do not agree with its constant visits of daytime admirers. It also operates a strict rule of no alcohol for those who cannot prove that they are under 21, for its grime pool party and its terrace bar – we had no other choice but to fetch our passports from our hotel at the other end of the Las Vegas Strip. Back at the exclusive outdoor area we enjoyed not only cocktails but some automated entertainment around the hotel waterfall (including an animatronic frog singing Louis Armstrong’s What A Wonderful World) while waiting for the hotel’s actual show. The tickets for Le Reve cost easily double the amount of other Vegas shows, so expectations are high. We see the dress code rules only when entering the round arena but luckily no one comments on our flip-flops.

The Wynn hotel in Vegas is surprisingly quiet

Le Reve is the dream of a young woman deeply in love with the one and only Don Juan – clad in a white shirt and in heavy lady killer trousers of black leather, always carrying a red rose, admired from her in a short pink dress. He is the one she can laugh her best friends off for repeatedly because they know they can never compete. There is big excitement on every occasion she meets him, no matter how short-lived – only in dreams comes fulfilment it seems. A sorcerer (bald, clad in robes tattoos, equipped with a magical staff) helps her to find some direction in the irrational chaos emotions and dreams are. Further two singers in opulent evening robes lead through her whirlwind of yearning and sing of desire, passion and love and of it all becoming reality in the end.

Do not take me wrong, everything on stage is of the very highest quality: The dance routines in and out of the water, the daredevil springboard diving, stunts in unison, the dove tricks and the trapeze acrobatics. The singers are talented and deliver as much Celine Dion as you can without having the real one on stage, it just happens that her music is not my cup of tea (and Celine Dion is an adjective in Las Vegas for sure, isn’t it? And a compliment actually – I respect that). Something just does not touch me here and neither does anything make me think. Surely, I was feeling something each time I have fallen in love?

According to Wikipedia: Each member of the cast must become SCUBA-certified before performing in the theater

The pictures on the promotional posters promised hyper-aesthetic Mucha allegories to come alive, half entangled, half pulled by art nouveau tendrils framing bohemian noblesse and haute couture costumes.

Instead I see synchronised swimming in pumps and bathing caps heaving with rhinestones – how this is erotic is beyond me. The scene including a dance choreography of the main character laying in the rain with lots of swishing of wet hair gets most of the applause but all I can think is, how heterosexual, how dubai this is. Wow, that’s a new thought when all I am probably looking for is some soul. I have seen instead fancy big budget kitsch within a pool of never-ending rainbow fountains. My thoughts go back to my first trip to Vegas last year; Zumanity feels suddenly like a kinky parody.

Le Reve was voted Las Vegas’ Best Production Show several times

*** out of 5 stars

Le Reve was the resident show at the Wynn hotel from 2005 to March 2010.

The tickets were purchased at the same day at the location. We paid a total of $145.40 for each ticket in row H.

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